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Our Mission

Exceed customer expectations… through serving.

Our Vision

Top 5 of the 100 Best Places to Work in California

The M3 Values


Operate with a Servant Heart

At M3, we like to say we have the “Nordstrom mentality”. That is, we focus exclusively on doing whatever it takes to create a happy customer. And if we’re ever in doubt about what that means, we err on the side of doing too much. 

Do the Right Thing


We are people of integrity. That means we do the right thing, even when it’s hard and even when no one is watching. If and when we make a mistake, we own it and make it right.

Work Hard

Give an Honest "8"

We sure can have fun, but we believe in hard work too. (That’s part of keeping our customers happy.) To that end, we expect all our employees to put in an honest 8 hours of work every workday. 

Play Hard

Enjoy Your Work & Have Fun!

While we ask for a solid 8 hours, we also note that you can and should enjoy that time – even while you’re working hard! We provide a positive, upbeat, and collaborative work environment so that our employees feel valued and have balance in their lives.

Our History

M3’s founder, Donald Molnar, started in the commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry in 1981. He later formed a partnership with his employer, then became sole proprietor upon his partner’s retirement, and then operated alone for several years. 

In August of 2000, the company reorganized as a Subchapter S Corporation, renamed to M3 HVAC, and is currently doing business as M3 Mechanical.

As part of the restructuring, Don’s youngest son, Rick, joined the company as a service technician. Rick grew up with a toolbelt on his hip and had helped his father routinely at night and on weekends whenever he had the opportunity. He formalized his knowledge with a technical certificate from a reputable HVAC trade school and then went to work at a large engineering firm. After five years, he left to help start up M3 Mechanical in 2000. Twenty years later, Rick is the COO of the company and oversees all field operations.

Don’s oldest son, Tony, also jumped in to help the new venture in 2000. Tony spent the first four years winding down his partnerships in the financial services industry while simultaneously ramping up his day-to-day involvement with M3. In 2005, he made it official and came over full-time as President. Tony holds a BA in Business and uses his experience in aerospace and financial services to directly oversee the sales, engineering, and financial aspects of the business.

Rick and Tony Molnar of M3 Mechanical - Commercial HVAC
Rick and Tony Molnar
Don Molnar M3 Mechanical - Commercial HVAC
Donald Molnar, Founder of M3
Don Molnar in front of Bayshore Sept 1967
Don Molnar
M3 Mechanical - Don Molnar and wife
Don and his wife Cora

Our Customers Can Expect:

You can expect to speak to insightful, enthusiastic, friendly people who are knowledgeable about our services – from the first person who takes your call, all the way up to the president of the company. You can also expect to feel like a VIP with every interaction (because you are). 

Here are some more things you can expect from working with M3:

M3 Recently Featured in the "It Happened on the Job" Podcast

On January 19, 2021, our own Tony Molnar was interviewed for the “It Happened on the Job: Relatable Conversations with Contractors” podcast. We’d like to thank the podcast hosts Mike and Brian for this great opportunity!