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We're Always Hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for pros. We believe we can learn just as much from our employees about how to do and be better, as they can from us! If you’re an A+ player who fits our Core Values, you might be a great fit for the M3 team.


Operate with a Servant Heart

At M3, we like to say we have the “Nordstrom mentality”. That is, we focus exclusively on doing whatever it takes to create a happy customer. And if we’re ever in doubt about what that means, we err on the side of doing too much. 

Do the Right Thing


We are people of integrity. That means we do the right thing, even when it’s hard and even when no one is watching. If and when we make a mistake, we own it and make it right.

Work Hard

Give an Honest "8"

We sure can have fun, but we believe in hard work too. (That’s part of keeping our customers happy.) To that end, we expect all our employees to put in an honest 8 hours of work every workday. 

Play Hard

Enjoy Your Work & Have Fun!

While we ask for a solid 8 hours, we also note that you can and should enjoy that time – even while you’re working hard! We provide a positive, upbeat, and collaborative work environment so that our employees feel valued and have balance in their lives.

Here are some of the perks of working at M3.

We offer a number of benefits and perks to show our employees how much we value them, and also to keep them happy, engaged, and loving their jobs! 

Some of our benefits include bonuses for perfect attendance, paid holidays and vacations, merit pay increases, spending account plan for childcare, and more.

We also hold monthly all-hands meetings (yes, there’s food), company parties, and other team building events.

The bottom line is, we wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing team, so we take every opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them!

What is your favorite thing about working for M3?

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